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    Different eCommerce websites

    Based on application and business format, there are three major types of eCommerce sites in the industry. The type of the eCommerce site determines the business goals, which helps in the website development process as well.

    • B2C: This business-to-customer type of eCommerce site dominates the market so far. The business entities offer products from retailers, manufacturers and sell them to ordinary consumers. Ecommerce web developers spend their major share of work on this type of website.
    • B2B: This eCommerce platform is dedicated to serving the needs of a business and the end-user business. This platform involves the inter-business trading of products and services. These websites have a prominent international market reach.
    • C2C: At present, many eCommerce sites connect third-party purchasing from a customer to another customer. Several local businesses and retailers use these platforms to reach other customers of the eCommerce site.
      There are other types of eCommerce sites too, but it is fact that B2C eCommerce is the most popular form of this niche.

    The right eCommerce solution

    An eCommerce website development company like Bornate believes the best way to choose the best eCommerce solution for your website is to learn your business goals internally. A group of expert staffers invests their time identifying the key requirements appropriate for your business first. There are a few considerations to choose the best solution are –

    • Developers choose the CMS platform based on the types of products and businesses. Different product types require different features.
    • The hosting plan should be in sync with your viewership volume and performance. The prices vary according to the viewer metrics.
    • Theme optimization is a crucial part of the online store business. Ecommerce web developers in Bornate dedicate their time to selecting the perfect theme for your business. You need a mobile-friendly theme with a proper homepage appearance.

    User-friendliness of the design

    Your website must maintain good user-friendliness. To increase the user experience metrics –

  • A designer needs to optimize the design that is suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices at the same time. Custom eCommerce website development includes the management of buttons, contents, images, elements for all kinds of devices.
  • Properly highlighting your brand identifiers, such as logo, tag lines, etc is very important for your recognition. Creating a signature color scheme with a logo has a positive impact on the user
  • Keeping your user interface decluttered is another important factor that impacts your visitors. Bornate’s developers remove unnecessary information and items from the interface.
  • The website must have an efficient navigation system, drop-down categories, and sub-categories. Detailed and organized categories lead to fruitful results. That enriches the user experience.
  • The shopping experience or UX design matters a lot in the case of web page development. The shopping experience enriches when –

    • The web pages must not take more than 4 seconds to load. If the pages are optimized well enough, it will take a longer time to load. This is one of the prime reasons why users stay on the page or not.
    • The developers must add advanced search bars and options to the website. The activated product filtering option makes the shopping experience easier and fast.
    • It is important to add a live chatbot or an automated customer support option in a current competitive scenario.
    • A crucial aspect of online shopping is the on-line payment gate. The security of this paywall system matters a lot to the consumers. Developers focus on improving these payment gates to gain the trust of the consumers.
    • Adding multiple language options makes the user experience fruitful for various kinds of users. Ecommerce web developers stress increasing the compatibility of the website into various kinds of browsers as well.

    Proper testing of the website functions

    After creating an elaborative website, it an important job for the developer to test the functionality of the website. The considerable factors are –

    • The website is loading fast without lagging
    • The navigation keys and categories are working
    • The database security is intact
    • The payment gates and financial transactions are secured
    • The search bars and filtering gates are properly working
    • The user interface is seamlessly loading in all kind of devices
    • The performance of custom features and extensions
    A team of experienced professionals runs the Bornate’s custom eCommerce website development service. A successfully developed site makes the user experience smooth and satisfactory. That way, employing web developers generate much more revenue than you invest in them.
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