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    Increase Your CRO


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    We build brands from a solid foundation and sturdy frameworks and create genuine strategies, we are the best e-commerce Business, Consultant. Our experts provide a variety of services to your customers. Some of the services are mentioned below for your better understanding:

    1. Creative Direction-We have state-of-the-art professionals who are experts in blending design with science and strategy. Bornate accounts for the study of your goals. Furthermore, we steer your brand according to the customer’s mug acceptance path.
    2. Brand Identity- Brand identity is our utmost concern. Our integrated professional team of designers, marketers and content creators explore various possibilities of your brand’s identity and find out ways to improve it. Our team of end professionals performs this before the evaluation of both B2B and B2C presence.
    3. UI/UX Design Bornate appraised team comprises highly skilled designers and developers who further create instinctive User Interfaces (UI) and data-driven interactions that expand User Experience (UX).
    4. Content Creation Creating new and unique content is the best way of ameliorating customer engagement. Bornate professional team provides the best trustworthy resources onwards in creating alluring and engaging content for your business, which includes everything from stunning copies, creative content to captivating videos, and animations.
    5. E-commerce Optimization Bornate e-commerce experts provide the advantage of a deep experience of mastering different business environments, consumer psychologies, and dynamic trends to create funnels that efficiently convert to the customers.
    6. Advanced analysis- Last but not the least; we concentrate on the advanced analysis of the customers. Our careful buffet and management of insightful people and data managers help in calculating the value delivery and re-assess processes to hold-up the constant growth of the business.



    What are the Benefits of Bornate?

    Bornate is a Shopify E-commerce Consultant and WOO Commerce Consulting Services where our clients’ success matters the most. The success of our client is the best deal for us. That is the reason; we go far away with inaugurating stores that provide best-in-class UX design. Furthermore, we work on heightening conversions, strategizing content, creating a distinctly identifiable brand, and many more. While choosing us you can get the following benefits apart from getting good strategies:

    • Designing and Development
    • Custom Theming
    • Creative Decoration
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Brand Positioning and Identity
    • Digital Strategy Developing
    • Re-platforming
    • Scripting
    • API Integration
    • Admin Customization



    How can you migrate from one site to another?

    Migrating in simple terms means moving from one place to another. Migration is the hardest task especially when you already have an established business and moving from one place to another has become a matter of life and death for continuous growth. This is where Bornate E-commerce Business Consultant developers use their deep know-how to homogeneously move your website from any platform into the following platforms:

    • WOO Commerce Consulting
    • Magento Consulting Services
    • Word-Press Consulting Service
    • Big-Commerce
    • Shopify E-commerce Consultant

    What are our previous works?

    Bornate is the top E-commerce Strategy Agency that can give some valuable results. Some of our earlier that we are providing for several years to our happy clients are listed below:

    • GYM Junky- We helped them by giving them a new and improved website and also helped them by providing great advice. We created low-fi wireframes to structure out the entire user experience. After that, we focused on creativity by confirming the new design marshal with the company’s brand guidelines.
    • WC- This is the Best E-commerce Website Examples as WC is the leading premium watercolors company for more than 15 years. We provided our best to meet the WC requirements on e-commerce, user experience, and platform, SaaS Discovery, including technology planning with a focus on ERP integration. We further combined the Magento platform to take the brands direct-to-customer.
    • Cashew Butter- Cashew Butter asked Bornate to transfer the Shopify store to another level. We created the best platform so that our client brands can express everything by proper interaction with the community.
      We also further helped other brand companies in witnessing success. The brands include Rambody, GIVN, Share Adventure, Heart Tone, etc by providing the best consulting service and by migrating.
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    Website Audit
    VWO Data Gathering
    Demonstrate Findings
    Coding & Implementation
    Post Optimization Analysis
    Iterative Testing Calendar
    Winner Implementation Assistance
    Business Strategy Formulation
    Perform Quality Check
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