Growing your E-Commerce Business on Shopify Plus

Shopify has always offered several plans that served both small as well as big eCommerce businesses. The plans of Shopify have always been quite clear. But now it is time to upgrade to Shopify Plus for the extra benefits it offers. Bornate has got several skilled Shopify Plus Experts San Fransisco who is responsible for dealing with the profitability of the business depending on the needs of the customers.


Grow revenue more than 40% in one year


Increase customers by 37% in less than 10 months

    Increase Your CRO


    Triple your conversions on a free-trial product


    Close twice as many customers twice as easily with more qualified leads in your pipleine

    Who should be on Shopify plus?

    Though Shopify Plus sounds great, it is still not the right choice for businesses which are just starting out or has a very low volume. You don’t require Shopify Plus designers in a small niche market that will never scale up. Also, such businesses do not need any kind of advanced functionality. Shopify Plus is basically for serious and large-scale eCommerce businesses. Upgrade your Shopify to Shopify plus by consulting our team in Bornate for the various benefits it offers which can help in the increase of your growth rate.

    Benefits of hiring Bornate Shopify Agency San Fransisco

    Bornate Shopify Plus Agency in San Fransisco offers a number of benefits to its clients or customers. Most owners would like to expand their businesses in various international countries. Bornate makes it easy for them by making the use of multi-currency support and multi-language skills to make international sales easier. You will be provided with the best sustainability. Our experts use a limber methodology that helps in creating growth strategies and they mainly focus on increasing the website’s reach and traffic. Our Shopify Plus partners ensure fail-safe integration of the tools and systems on your Shopify plus website. This helps to manage unparalleled customer experience.

    Sections in which Shopify Expert Agency masters in

    The Shopify Plus Agency masters in the following things:

    • Migrations
    • Design and Development
    • Brand Positioning and Identity
    • Digital Strategy
    • Scripting
    • Re-Platforming

    Website redesigning for better online experiences

    The audience flow and their perception of your website depend on the design of the landing page. While visiting your website, the buyers expect a relevant, intuitive, time-efficient, and trendy design that seems to be appealing to their eyes. The trained experts of Bornate, the CRO agency in San Fransisco, uplift the aesthetic features of your website by implementing a state-of-the-art online experience. The perception of each audience can be distinctive. Hence, while designing your website we keep this fact in mind and create a humorous, casual, or professional website, depending on their choices. 


    When is the right time to upgrade to Shopify plus?

    When you are well aware of the benefits that are offered by our Shopify Plus designers, you may want to upgrade your business to Shopify Plus. But how will you be sure if it is the right time to upgrade or not? Here are a few signs that show you need to upgrade your business.

    • You need feature sets like flow, launchpad, and scripts to make your business stronger. These features when used together boost sales, enhance the productivity of the employees, and improve other KPIs in the business.
    • When you are hitting high sales and revenue targets, you must consider upgrading to Shopify Plus. When you use Plus, Shopify abandons all the transaction fees. Lower fees are also offered when Shopify Payments is used to process credit cards.
    • If your business has a proven product and that is taking a start real quick, you must think of Shopify Plus. With all the features and functionality of Shopify Plus, your existing resources will expand instead of running out of steam.
    • Shopify Plus is your best move if you are planning to sell your products in new markets across the world. It offers 11 total storefronts to work with. Entering these markets with providing a huge increase in the revenue of your business.

    Difference between Shopify & Shopify Plus

    The difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus is clearly defined by our Shopify Plus partner.

    High volume

    Shopify can handle traffic volume well but those are mostly volumes that are slow and steady. When the traffic increases, it becomes difficult for Shopify to handle. Shopify Plus enables you to handle a lot of traffic together at one point of time


    Upgrading to Shopify Plus opens up the world of automation for every business owner. This not only helps in increasing the revenue but also helps in cutting the hours of repetitive busywork. This also indicates that you and your team can focus on getting the work done faster rather than focusing on one thing. The flow, launchpads, and scripts enhance automation in the business.

    Global Sales

    Shopify Plus also focuses on selling and scaling across the world. It aims to make it easier for business owners to expand in various international markets and keep a track of the ongoing news in different markets. Shopify Plus currently provides 11 additional clone stores. These clone stores can either remain on their own domain or in their sub-domain of the main store.


    Shopify Plus is a great way to get your B2B eCommerce business into a growing market. It offers a wholesale channel for you to integrate your inventory with the help of your B2C operations. The wholesale customers can easily access their store by logging into their accounts.
    If you are ready to move forward and upgrade your eCommerce business to Shopify Plus, hire Bornate’s Shopify Plus Experts San Fransisco to get reliable and efficient services. For further details, contact us.

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    Website Audit
    VWO Data Gathering
    Demonstrate Findings
    Coding & Implementation
    Post Optimization Analysis
    Iterative Testing Calendar
    Winner Implementation Assistance
    Business Strategy Formulation
    Perform Quality Check

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