How Magento for e-commerce contribute to business growth?

As online shoppers are increasing day by day in number, all businesses are looking forward to expanding their business online. If you are also thinking of opening an online store, then Magento e-commerce web development is the perfect solution for you. It eases the task in many folds and makes the e-commerce website extremely user-friendly.
We are a Magento Development Agency for ecommerce in San Francisco that provides a company the option of developing a magnificent website with the help of Magento. Magento has many benefits that help company owners to grow their business to a great level. But before jumping into the benefits, let us first discuss what Magento is?


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    What is Magento?

    Magento is basically an ecommerce platform developed on open-source technology. It provides online sellers a flexible shopping cart system that they can control in whatever way they like. Apart from this, it also gives you control over how it looks, functions, and holds content in the online store. In addition, the software also offers search engine optimization, powerful marketing, and catalog-management tools.

    Why should entrepreneurs consider using Magento?

    For individuals and businesses who want to create a long-term and smooth ecommerce site, Magento is their main priority. It is the best open-source platform to develop an online store and are thus used by many professional developers. We know how beneficial and professional this software is. Thus, we provide services of Magento Development for ecommerce in San Francisco to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business online.
    You will be able to understand the benefit of this software better when you know the features that it offers. They are:
    • Product management: It helps you manage the product easily by using images, favorite lists, optional comment reviews, products, and inventory.
    • Category management: This option lets you find and select products using categories.
    • Client account: It allows you to access transaction history, account status, address, preferred, and shopping cart.
    • Search technology: It offers a friendly, fast, and support search on Google.
    • Payment option: The site will have numerous payment option, including PayPal, ePay, Google checkout, credit card, CyberSource, eWay, and many others.
    • Customer service: To enhance the service, it even provides a customer contact form, email service, and comprehensive follow-up option.
    • Analyze and report option: It integrates with the analytic service of google and delivers multiple reports.
    • Promotional and marketing option: These options include promotions, coupons, etc.
    • International Support includes monetary and multi-lingual service
    • Order management option

    Benefits of using Magento for ecommerce web development

    No matter the size of your business, you will always get more benefits by using Magento for creating your online store. By using it, you are switching to a much more sophisticated custom version when your business is still picking up the pace. Magento was developed to provide an excellent e-commerce solution to creators. It helps developers build a user-friendly site with ease and grow business every day. The benefits of using it are as follows:

    Highly customizable- Magento not only offers scalable and flexible ecommerce solutions but also gives the user the option of customizing them. Thus, you can build a platform that is unique and different from others. Moreover, it can adapt according to the user's changes and modifications to meet the needs of shop owners.
    Mobile experience- It is seen that around 60percent of online buyers use mobile phones to place their orders. Therefore, it is important to develop a website that is compatible to smartphones. The good news is Magento supports HTML5 that ensures an incredible shopping experience to those who are shopping through their mobile devices. Furthermore, it enables them to adjust the image size and run videos. In short, if you are looking for an exceptional mobile shopping option, Magento is the perfect option for you.
    SEO-friendly- Another advantage you get using Magento for online store development is SEO friendly feature. The platform is filled with SEO-friendly option like positioning layer, URL structure, sitemaps, URL requirements, description, etc. for better performance. Moreover, when you are able to integrate SEO plugins and extensions, you can rank higher in the search engine, thus able to grow more. So, use Magento for creating your website and for making it friendly and easily crawlable by google spiders.
    Better loading speed Users do not like to wait for sites to open up or load. So, you need to make sure your online store has a fast-loading time. For this, Magento is the first-rank winner. In fact, Magento has made its mission to make its every ecommerce store the fastest in the world. It is recognized by its power to load quickly and give the entrepreneur a better opportunity over others. It helps you rank better and grow faster than your competitors.
    Because of the benefits mentioned above, our Magento Development Company for ecommerce in San Francisco gives users the opportunity to develop their super performing online store through Magento. So, if you are too interested in creating an online store using Magento contact us now!

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