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    What is UI/UX design in a website?

    The terms might look complicated, but UI stands for user interface and UX stands for the user experience of the website. In simplest words, user experience denotes the seamless, logical, and enjoyable experience of a customer on the website. Even though it is an oversimplification of the methodical process. An eCommerce UX agency perceives the user’s interaction and experience with the website. When a user visits your website, s/he expects as much as possible relevant information on the go. Meeting this goal is what UX/UI design is precise.

    Are UI & UX two different things?

    Technically, yes! UI and UX have different functions and roles to play. But if you assess from a utility perspective, the job of UI design and UX management are quite interconnected to each other. Ecommerce UI design mostly focuses on the looks, products, and performances of your website. UI designers put their major focus on the substantial components of an eCommerce website. The visual design of the website, theme optimization, content management are part of UI design.
    On the contrary, the UX design undertakes wholesome investigation and activity on the website. It focuses on the problems a user might face, conceptual analysis, understanding, and the totality of user experience in the website.

    So, now you have a basic overview of the UI and UX in a website. Since you are an eCommerce business owner, you have to understand the need for UX from a customer’s perspective. Suppose you have come to a physical store for buying some groceries. Now if you see a store manager is playing games with his phone and completely ignoring you, how would you feel? Similarly, when a user lands on your eCommerce site and finds unnecessary information about things that he is not looking for. Chances are thin he will stay on the page. There are multiple reasons why an eCommerce website design company like Bornate focuses on the efficiency of the UI/UX design.
    • Conversion The UI/UX design of a website determines the conversion of a visitor into a customer. According to recent data, over 70% of online consumers abandon their carts on a website. They come, look, and leave unsatisfied. A user experience metric depends on the organization of relevant information. It needs the logical thinking of the designer. Visitors will come with various expectations from different backlinks. There lies an important role of the eCommerce web design that simplifies the process of conversion.
    • Personalization The eCommerce websites are a much efficient and wider representation of a physical store. But you have to remember it is still a store where the customer expects something. Attractive design, optimized pages, and tons of helpful guidance in the website create an emotional dependency of a customer on the website.
    • Greater ROI It is well established that the investments you will make for UI/UX design are reasonable enough because you get a huge return on investment (ROI) from this. Once you can gain the trust of the customers, with product design and effective experience, you will create a brand value of itself.
    • Fast Action: The optimized pages and responsive web design eCommerce site brings fast options to the consumer. These fast actions leave less time for the customer to have second thoughts.

    Why you should hire UI/UX designers?

    There are many market-related reasons why you should hire a user interface designer or a user experience manager. Bornate has a team of experts who dedicate their effort to improving UX metrics and updating reasonable UI designs. An eCommerce website design company resolves some essential problems like –
    • Speed is everything: According to leading search engines, if an eCommerce site takes more than 2 seconds to load, you will lose the visitor.
    • Accurate and updated information: If your customers find outdated or irrelevant product information, incomplete descriptions, false features in your website, it creates a bad impression. Bornate’s eCommerce UI design keeps responsive design analysis and an updated design at top priority.
    • Mobile-friendly experience: The website must run fine on mobile devices. Designers in Bornate make customized mobile-friendly interfaces that enrich customer experiences.
    • Improved feedbacks: Customers appreciate your willingness to take feedback. Having visible and attractive feedback options in your eCommerce website design is a crucial part of gaining the customer’s trust.
      The expert designers, content managers, and developers in Bornate, dedicate their time and effort towards enriching the UX. When you have an eCommerce website, don’t neglect the need of updating the UI from time to time.
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