Product customization is inseparable from ecommerce

In the growth saga of online store businesses, eCommerce product customization has been a game-changer for many. A growing number of online giants have created a new niche of marketing, which gives birth to various localized eCommerce setups. Customers always demand something new. So much so that online stores have mastered the 'same tee shirt in a different color’ hack. Customized products are one of the biggest attractions for online shoppers today.


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    What is product customization?

    Nowadays, most eCommerce stores in the fashion and accessories industry have tried to give customized product options to the consumers. Some technical solutions and plugins allow advanced digital customization of products on the website. Product customization includes a lot of useful and interconnected facilities.
    With the help of Magento 2 product customizer, you will be able to add color thumbnails, image uploading option, text monogram field, printable area, text thumbnails, and engravings, wholesale order size, quantity, and many more. In addition, there are series of detailed customization options in the custom solutions, plugins, and extensions for online stores.

    Can customization attract more customers?

    Although they are much more advanced and convenient for consumers, online stores are not fundamentally different from a physical store concept. In the initial days of product customization, a random survey showed out of 1000 people, almost 30% of people are willing to try product customization. Leading fashion and accessories brands have revolutionized the tricks of luring customers with a paradigm shift of roles.
    Solutions like Magento custom product builder introduced integrated options for the customers in those websites. When a customer purchases with all the adjustments, they feel like a partner in manufacturing. This parameter helps the customers to connect more intimately with the brand or product.


    Overwhelming landing page design, too many pop-ups, detailed forms, poor visual hierarchy etc.


    Confusing navigation, not-so-user-friendly checkout flow, lack of proper information and CTAs, etc.


    Low page speed, hidden costs, additional shipping charges, high tax rates, long shipping periods, etc.

    Benefits of applying product customization

    In terms of business, custom-built products are limited in number. That’s why attracting customers with such options is easier than other marketing tricks. Moreover, many solutions like WooCommerce product customizer intensify the user experience parameters, which greatly benefits the business.


    When you achieve a connection with your consumers, it is easier to lead them to buy at fair prices. Most customers have the understanding that customization requires a different setup for a manufacturer to produce personalized products. Therefore, they don't feel hesitant to pay more for customized products. When you understand the majority of customer's choices, you can strategically build templates leaving a specific spot for personalization. That way, you can make increased profit with much less investment.

    Loyalty to the brand

    There are top-rated brands in the world that were limited to a section of customers only. But, soon after they introduced dedicated personalization options in their sites, they crossed the genre boundary. There is a reason singing pop starts wear sports branded shoes. Once you gain the trust of your customers with eCommerce product customization, they are likely to come back as loyal users of such a brand.

    Low rates of product return

    It is very unlikely that people will return the products that they have virtually specified from the websites. Custom products are dedicated to the specific user. Such products have no use in resale. So, you can invoke a return policy in the sales of such products.

    Huge chunk in the gift industry

    Gift-giving a difficult job for many. Especially because gifts must make the receiver feel wanted and admired exclusively. Customized items online are the easiest way to gift your loved ones with something that is only made for them. The gift industry is fast adopting solutions like the Magento custom product builder to grasp a huge share of online shoppers.

    Why you need a custom solution?

    Well, the choice is yours. But if you think in the business sense of this, you may realize some glaring inputs a multifaceted custom solution offers.

    Complex shopping options
    When you provide so many options to customers to create a product on the site, things can be messy for the system. There are so many variables that determine the custom product. When your store has huge stock, this kind of customization on individual products can create problems. That is why you need solutions like WooCommerce product customizer.
    Different vendors have different choices
    When your eCommerce site sells products from different vendors from the same niche, you need flexibility in the system. Custom solutions allow the customer to buy products from specific vendors who have specific shipping choices.
    Multitasking software needs
    Suppose you have a system in your site that tracks the order placement and order fulfilled data. Now, if you use a custom system solution for such usages, you will be able to put the order data in your accounting invoice at the same time.
    Custom product builders are a unique and useful aspect of modern eCommerce sites. However, in the present competitive scenario, it is very essential that owners invest in integrated customization solutions to keep the show running seamlessly.
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