How Content marketing boost your sales

Content Marketing has always been the best and the foremost practice in SEO e-commerce. Content marketing is a special type of marketing that generates and shares online things that include Videos, blogs, and social media posts. It does not specifically promote any brand but does involve interest in the products and services of a brand.
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Well, whenever you think of business growth, think of Bornate. We are Bornate and are currently the top ecommerce Content Marketing Agency that provides the best services to grow a business.


Grow revenue more than 40% in one year


Increase customers by 37% in less than 10 months

    Increase Your CRO


    Triple your conversions on a free-trial product


    Close twice as many customers twice as easily with more qualified leads in your pipleine

    Why should you choose Bornate?

    We are a top ecommerce Content Marketing in San Francisco with highly qualified employees dedicated to designing, building, and growing your online business. We keep a keen eye on what is emerging in today’s world and follow some important data-backed strategies that help our clients to sell more, sell vastly, and also helps in gaining sustainable relevance.

    In distinction from impressive UI/UX to Advanced Analytics to Brand Strategy, we guarantee every step is a step towards the betterment of your site including engagement, and bigger ROI. We are always ready to plunge deep into your product and create a beguiling world of strategies around it to attract more customers.

    What are the Benefits of Bornate?

    Bornate provides the Magento Content Marketing Services to our clients to give them the success they want, which only matters the most to us. The success of our client is the best deal for us. That is the reason; we go far away with inaugurating stores that provide best-in-class UX design. Furthermore, we work on heightening conversions, strategizing content, creating a distinctly identifiable brand, and many more. While choosing us, you can get the following benefits apart from getting good strategies:
    • Designing and Development
    • Custom Theming
    • Creative Decoration
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Brand Positioning and Identity
    • Digital Strategy Developing
    • Re-platforming
    • Scripting
    • API Integration
    • Admin Customization


    Overwhelming landing page design, too many pop-ups, detailed forms, poor visual hierarchy etc.


    Confusing navigation, not-so-user-friendly checkout flow, lack of proper information and CTAs, etc.


    Low page speed, hidden costs, additional shipping charges, high tax rates, long shipping periods, etc.

    What Strategy does Bornate Follow?

    We have some highly qualified employee who is always ready to work with you and always keeps a keen eye on the native ongoing sites. Our professional’s built strategies after following the popular sites by creating a unique data-backed strategy so that you can sell more without any limitation. Some of the eCommerce Content Strategy we follow is listed below:

    • We create bold Headlines because a headline attracts the attention of the audience. The headlines also give a colossal impact on the Search Engine pages. We utilize the headlines to grab the attention of the customers.
    • The language used in the blogs, articles also gives a great impact on your audience. Therefore, we focus on the language and provide words like Killer, catastrophic, ballistic, explosive, amazing, and so on. This not only attracts the people but also gives a cause of the reaction.
    • We create the most impactful and powerful headlines to bring traffic to your business. For instance, being sexy and unique is the new trend, so we create headlines that way. Our headlines provoke people to follow your business and also create some mysterious intriguing between persons.
    • We work through Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento, and many more, and this helps you bring great development; it reduces your cost and provides a great probability. We also further provide a huge amount of add-ons and free plug-ins like word press and get a wide community support base.
    • We develop calendars for Shopify content as we focus on the hardening of Shopify Content Marketing. We create authorized documents that include short topics, goals, strategized data, and segmentation. In these calendars, we describe the best paths to get started to grow E-commerce marketing.
    • We also use the customization platform that helps your business get separated from your competitors. But we do not usually perform this as this can be a little pricy and also several companies can find it a much more daunting work to perform.
    • We have the best employees who are totally aware of what step to take in relation to SEO and E-commerce. Our strategy is to provide you with the best service and save your time as well.

    What makes us stand out?

    We are an e-commerce Digital Marketing Agency that helps each business in adopting a discriminating online presence in the online market. Furthermore, we help in the creation of instant admiration by the customers. Therefore, we try our best to engage in instinctive designs that are powered by robust wireframes and agile processes to keep your business at the front desk of its audience so that it remains at the top of their minds.


    Bornate understands your requirements and works accordingly. In the above article, you will know how Bornate can help you boost your sale in Content Marketing. But if you still have any queries, you can contact us at hello@bornat.com. Our experts are always at your service.

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    Website Audit
    VWO Data Gathering
    Demonstrate Findings
    Coding & Implementation
    Post Optimization Analysis
    Iterative Testing Calendar
    Winner Implementation Assistance
    Business Strategy Formulation
    Perform Quality Check

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