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    What is Branding

    Branding for e-commerce is a crucial and beneficial thing in terms of bringing new customers. Branding is nothing but a procedure to create a strong, positive perception of a company towards normal human beings. This is the method of giving a good image in the minds of the individuals. It can be performed by advertising, creating a logo, design, mission statement, and compatible theme through media communications.

    Why you should choose us?

    We are Bornate and are one of the top e-commerce Branding Agencies. We are acquired with highly qualified employees who are always ready to meet our customer’s needs. In contrast, we prove UI/UX to Advanced Analytics to Brand positioning; no matter what is the issue we are the one-stop solution to your question. We not only try but provide a guarantee that our clients can see betterment, from engagement to bigger ROI.


    Overwhelming landing page design, too many pop-ups, detailed forms, poor visual hierarchy etc.


    Confusing navigation, not-so-user-friendly checkout flow, lack of proper information and CTAs, etc.


    Low page speed, hidden costs, additional shipping charges, high tax rates, long shipping periods, etc.

    Branding is the most complicated thing in the E-commerce platform. This needs a proper calculation and approach in the proper field. A brand has the capacity to bring new and legitimate customers to the business field. In the e-commerce field where new companies are coming out every single day, Branding for e-commerce has also become the toughest and significant thing, At Bornate you can get highly professional persons who can not only help you to spread your brand name but can also help you create e-commerce Branding Strategies. Our experts have given some steps that are important in E-commerce branding:

    1. Explaining Brand Persona- A brand personality gives 40 % of the information about the brand. Brand personality is strongly managed by the insights of the target customers. The more the persona of a particular brand is the more it attracts genuine authorized customers.
    2. Understanding Customers- This is also an important factor to build your brand. Our high-end professionals work day and night and research the demand and need of the customers. We also further check the ongoing things in today’s world. We create the brand image after making a data-backed unique strategy.
    3. Highlighting the Brand’s promises- Okay! Highlighting is necessary to attract customers. A customer while going through your brand will first check the highlighting points that your brand is providing. That is the reason our professionals first design the promises and then highlight them to the clients to sell more.
    4. Giving treat to the visual asset- Visual treat is the main game-changer. A brand’s visual assets include all the front-facing elements, such as the website design, fonts and typography, color palette, logo, and ad designs as well as the packaging and unboxing of the product.
    5. Never forget to give back- Thank You or showing gratitude is an effective way to increase your audience. We design the website in a way that whenever a person buys a thing from your brand they see a pop-up thank you for a message.

    What are our Services?

    At Bornate you can enjoy everything related to ecommerce Branding Strategies and development. Our experts follow several things to satisfy our customers. And for us, our customers are our main priority.

    • Creative Direction- Our professional workers perform thorough research in blending designs with the customers’ needs. We give a new direction to your brand with the help of the starry communication of your business material.
    • UI/UX Design- UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Our great team combines some unique design strategies to create improved UI and interactions to place the UX in a vast expansion.
    • Brand Identity- Providing a new identity to the brands is the main concern of Bornate. Our professional team of designers and graphic designers firsts evaluates then makes the thorough changes accordingly.
    • Unique Content Creation- There is no place for copied content. Without something new in the content, no one finds interest. That is the reason we have high-end experts who create maleficent and engaging content.
    • E-commerce Optimization- We give equal importance to shopping as well as visual e-commerce. We also provide psychologies, dynamic trends optimizations to the customers.
    • Advanced Analysis- Bornate’s careful piece and governance of intelligent people and data directors support in measuring the value delivery and re-assess processes to see a constant growth of the business.

    Our Works

    Bornate has successfully served some big international companies with what they demanded. We are really happy to help them. Some of the companies whom we worked with are:

  • WC
  • Cashew Butter
  • Rambody
  • GIVN
  • Share Adventure
  • Heart tone
  • Analytics Setup
    Website Audit
    VWO Data Gathering
    Demonstrate Findings
    Coding & Implementation
    Post Optimization Analysis
    Iterative Testing Calendar
    Winner Implementation Assistance
    Business Strategy Formulation
    Perform Quality Check
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