How San Francisco’s top e-commerce agency Bornate is promoting B2B business growth?

Millions of businesses worldwide are trying every day to switch from P2P or "People to People" to B2B or "Business to Business" e-commerce strategy to make sure the increase in sales and expand the market span. If you are also thinking of switching to a B2B e-commerce strategy, then Bornate, San Francisco's top B2B e-commerce agency, is the appropriate solution for you. It provides a trustworthy, unbiased, and personalized B2B e-commerce consultation customized around your business's distinctive requirements.
Our B2B e-commerce solution company, Bornate, possesses an exceptional B2B e-commerce proficiency that we utilize to deliver practicable consultations for your complex B2B business. Bornate offers numerous advantageous features that would operate in close collaboration with your business to result in wonderful outcomes by capitalizing on our perspicacious experience. But before knowing about these advantages, let's first talk about what Bornate is?


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    What is Bornate?

    Bornate is San Francisco's topmost B2B e-commerce agency with extensively qualified workers devoted to building, growing, and designing your business. It keeps a close eye on the trending business scenario of today's world and follows some principal B2B strategies that assist the clients to sell more and assist in gaining viable importance. This B2B e-commerce solution company is always ready to create a captivating world of B2B e-commerce business to attract more buyers to it.

    Why should e-commerce business owners think about utilizing Bornate?

    1. Creative direction: This option lets you design the B2B e-commerce business in a fun, creative, and unique way so that your business can stand out from the competition and can create campaigns that would earn further fruitful results over time.
    2. Design & Development: Effective designing and development is the key to any successful B2B marketing strategy. Bornate helps you create a disciplined content marketing plan and an engaging B2B website to encourage audiences to convert into precious leads.
    3. Brand positioning & identity: Bornate helps to shape a company to occupy a unique place in the minds of your customers compared to the competitors. Also, this option would assist you to pick your business over your competitors,
    4. Custom theming: This feature would let you apply a particular theme to your entire online website, individual pages, or individual templates.
    5. Conversion & optimization: Bornate helps you to improve your website so that the visitors become converted to leads, and leads become converted to paying customers. These features define the metrics and objectives of your B2B business.
    6. Digital strategy This feature includes digital marketing strategies like landing page creation, SEO, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, etc.
    7. API integration: Bornate offers you a single platform to connect traditional B2B protocols and APIs and B2B standards like XML and EDI.
    8. Re-platforming: This feature involves an upgraded e-commerce platform.
    9. Scripting: Bornate makes your data-driven scripts less monotonous, customized, and personalized
    10. Mobile-first responsiveness: This San Francisco B2B e-commerce consultant designs a method for upgrading sites. Your websites would be responsive; each page would have appropriate alternative layouts for mobile screens.
    11. Migrations: The migration tool of Bornate minimizes your effort and enables the migration while eliminating the risks.
    12. Admin customization: Bornate would let you access the system easily from the customized admin panel.

    Design & Development

    Custom Theming
    Creative Direction
    Conversion Optimization
    Brand Positioning & Identity
    Digital Strategy
    API Integrations
    Admin Customizations
    Mobile-first Responsiveness

    Advantages of utilizing Bornate for B2B e-commerce development

    Whether your business is small-scaled or large-scaled, you would always acquire various advantages by utilizing Bornate to switch your business to a B2B strategy. This service would let you include professional marketing strategies to occupy a unique place in the customers' minds. The benefits of using this San Francisco B2B e-commerce consultant are as follows:

    Relevant Online Content

    Nowadays, people buy inventory, software, supplies, and many other things online. From 2020 to 2027, B2B e-commerce is meant to grow at least 17.5% CAGR. As more and more B2B customers are surfing the business websites, the engagement to your website would also increase. Bornate would assist you to create relevant content by comprehending buyers to generate incremental ROI.

    Dynamic Business Environment

    Bornate would create a strong digital foundation for your B2B Company in San Francisco for overwhelming online sales. It assists you to strategize the unique online presence of your business with an appreciable change in people, processes, and systems. This would also help you to create a lasting connection with your customers.

    Because of these features, our B2B e-commerce solution, Bornate, makes sure that you would never feel the necessity to look back once you begin with this e-commerce service as a client. Hence, if you are intrigued to switch your business to a B2B strategy using Bornate, connect with us now!

    Build your eCommerce solution with Bornate

    Bornate’s eCommerce expertise spans different SaaS platforms on which we build custom-made eCommerce stores that you feel proud of, not to mention their sheer capability of lead generation, reducing customer churn, and significant improvement in brand building. So far, we have created some of the best designed websites in the B2B eCommerce landscape which now benefit with reduced CPAs, increased return visits resulting in repeat sales, improved frequency of online orders, and massively higher AOVs. All in all, Bornate ensures to provide on all fronts in your conquest of leading your industry.





    Strategies that turn potential setbacks into surefire success

    Bornate helps you navigate the less charted waters of B2B eCommerce while addressing the threats you might be facing today or probably face tomorrow. Our strategies are aimed at creating a unique online offering that satisfies your current clientele and impresses your future prospects. Whether your business is being affected by changes in supply chains, or you want to dominate market share with a new product, Bornate has got you covered.

    Experience engagement like a B2C business

    People today buy software, supplies, inventory and pretty much everything else online. That said, the B2B eCommerce is projected to grow at USD 20.91 Trillion with a CAGR of 17.5% from 2020 to 2027. Increasing B2B buyers surfing the net means more and more people would like to engage with you. It’s true, B2B customers are harder to attract than B2C customers, but pushing out relevant content by understanding your customers is a solid step in generating incremental ROI. Don’t worry, Bornate assists you with that as well.

    Drive a digital revolution in your B2B business

    Delving into eCommerce without rigid digital foundations is a recipe for underwhelming online sales. That’s why Bornate helps you strategize a distinctive online presence that starts with your website and continues with a profound shift in your systems, processes and people. With the ever-dynamic business environment, especially as volatile as it today is, it is a no-brainer to endorse your goods, services and your brand by creating lasting connections with your buyers on the internet. This makes sure that you never have to look back once you commence with eCommerce.

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